Who we are

digital mapsHeaded by Graduates in Geography and Cartography / GIS Technicians with extensive professional experience, Cartograma 2012 is a mapping services company which works in paper and make digital maps. Thanks to our commitment to new technologies, we can deal with all types of cartographic and geospatial projects and studies.

Profesional experience

We have a great amount of Iberian Peninsula and European digital maps. We constantly update it to offer a tried and trusted quality product. As an example of our work and experience we can say that we are the authors of the Spanish and Portuguese city maps which are edited by the multinational Michelin, whose prestige endorses us.

Who are our clients?

Our company has great experience in providing a wide range of cartographic services and innovative solutions to clients in all sectors with different budgets. We work for city councils and public bodies, publishing houses, printing houses, tourist companies and tourist souvenir companies, marketing and advertising companies, transport and logistics companies, and in general for all types of organizations that apply geospatial variables to their decision-making.